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Automatic Delivery

Automatic Delivery is one of the most popular services at Free Gas. It allows worry free delivery of propane. Your propane delivery schedule is based on anticipated or historical consumption patterns for home heating.

If this sounds like an option you would prefer please call us today at 905-892-3377 or 1-800-567-2636 and ask to be placed on Automatic Fill Up.

**Please note: Pool or shop heater usage cannot be calculated and will interrupt your propane supply. During this time it is the customer’s responsibility to call and arrange deliveries. To ensure uninterrupted propane supply, customers must notify us if additional propane appliances have been installed or if propane consumption has changed due to changes in lifestyle. Failure to notify us of these changes may result in a propane supply interruption prior to a regularly scheduled delivery.***

Will Call Delivery

Customers must call preferably when their tank gauge reads between 20%-30%. Delivery will be within 5 business days.

Delivery Area

Special Delivery

For “will call” customers that run out of gas and same day delivery is required a $250 + HST delivery charge will be applied to their invoice.

24/7 Emergency Service

If immediate delivery is required or if you are below 15% then call our 24 hour emergency and after hour service at (905)-892-3377 or 1-800-567-2636.